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Yes 0r No?


Through the hard times and the good I love our adventures together!

I love you!!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Winter 2008

So I started this post back on December 5th and have just kept working on it and have put a TON of pics on here. Basically, I wanted to journal my winter with photos and so if you get bored looking at all the photos on this post.....sorry, I got carried away and since it takes forever to format them, especially if you upload them all BACKWARDS....I told myself I wasn't going to erase any of them since I took all that time to get them on here gosh darn it!!!

So, Dec. 2nd I celebrated my 4th anniversary of being 29!!! It feels great being 29 forever, I love it. However, I didn't sign up for the wrinkles that came with each anniversary! The contract said that I would stay exactly the same! hhhmph!
Roy took me to the Cheesecake Factory, along with Kristin and Grant. We had fun driving through Snowflake Lane during the drumming and music.....back and forth 4 times....We would drive through (slowly trying to get the red light at the end of the street. The only time I have ever tried to get a red light) Then we'd u-turn it and drive slowly through again! As we drove through we would sing along very loud out the windows.
We first got dressed up for the occasion. My 80's big bangs pulled back in a fluorescent clippy, yep, leggings, sweatshirt and can't forget the sweet leg warmers.

Roy was hard-core too! Rambo-Roy, hard core!

The pic below was taken from the car window reaching across Roy as he was driving....I love the look on the lady's face on the left. True enjoyment!

Proof that we were in fact singing at the top of our lungs!!

It was a fun time!
Thanks guys for having fun with me on my Birthday!
and then........
Sunday came and we had a kickin' time with a few family and friends
After the birthday, came baking cookies, decorating, shopping, SNOW, Christmas parties, etc.

Although I got a lot of very nice gifts from everyone (thank you to all!) I wanted to send a little thank you to my sis, Olivia. So.....Thanks Liv for the Birthday package from Florida!

Then came the snow!

I love snow! being a little girl in Illinois with winters of feet and feet and feet of snow I can't help but give a yipeeeee when I see that white stuff coming down! Oh how I felt like a kid! I think God knew I was going to need a little child-like feeling this winter. It helped keep my spirits up during the dark. It kept us in and helped I think a whole lot of people to stop and take things slowly and simply. It gave us time to enjoy the little things and not be rushed around like crazy. There was time to breath, make cookies and take walks!

Despite a lot of people I know, wishing that the beautiful flurries would stop, I LOVE the snow and didn't want it to STOP!

so our winter adventures begins......

The first day it snowed I had to work and was so sad I had to be inside

Roy however, took some time off and walked to the store for stuff we needed.

After work, we took a walk around campus and went and got a HUGE hot chocolate from the Aerie, the campus coffee shop.

Had to go to Snowflake Lane when it was ACTUALLY snowing =)

Late night stroll in the quiet and calm snowy night

Grandma Hale sent these huge pine cones from Lake Tahoe. They were so pretty with the light dusting of snow

a serious pose from Roy

ok, my turn

Until I slipped on the snow and almost fell! haha!

work it Roy!!

Roy and I adventured all over town and we found ourselves having walked all the way down to the waterfront from our place.

There were so many people out enjoying the scenery and the beauty of the day.

Big 'ol Christmas tree downtown Kirkland

a snow covered scene where we first met 8 years ago

We stopped and talked to a lady who was out enjoying the snow as well. Bless her heart, she tried several times to take a photo, and this was the best we got.... =)

We were out for about 4 hours walking all over the place and when another large snow storm was brewing up again in the distance, we headed back home. We got half way and a bus stops in the middle of the road and the bus driver shouts out of the window asking if we would like a ride. He had recognized us from the few times he had passed us on the road throughout the day.

Thanks Mr. Bus Driver!!

We got groceries for a cozy night in!

Until later and we got cabin fever and decided to have a snowball fight with Kristin and Grant

then out the next day to do the same thing all over again!

We were tired from walking so Roy just plopped down for a sec
Our Neighbor and friend Melissa was out with all the kids and brought out yummy warm cinnamon rolls for everyone! She's so sweet!

Roy and I got a kick out of watching all the kids sledding, doing snow angels, and making snowmen

the end of another long outing.....back with drycleaning, starbucks and treats!

this was an ice-leaf as I call it. A leaf with a thin layer of ice that had pealed off the leaf perfectly

another trip to the REAL Snowflake Lane...sooo pretty!

Finding the right Narnia......


(notice that this icicle below is a bit crooked? Yea, well. as we were walking under it just before I snapped this photo, it cracked and a piece fell....almost hitting us me in the head)

Don't eat the Yeller snow!!!!

Snowball fight straight out of Dumb and Dumber!!

This was the true color of the sky, NO post editing on this color! only a little cropping done. It was such a gorgeous evening!

Cookie decorating time!!

by one wanted to help me =(

Yep.... yet another trip to snowflake lane!

This guy was our favorite drummer! He had a contagious excitemtent

Our 5th Christmas tree!
Love this little guy!

One of our first and favorite decorations...our snowglobe

This was to commemorate our trip to New York this year

Our Christmas morning I woke up and Roy had these lovely packages awaiting with tea...

He always makes things so special! I love my hubby!
Then off to Mom's....
I love this drive

Lucy and Riley cozied up

They are such pals

Christmas dinner....Liv and Tony we missed you!

My baby sis all engaged and stuff!

Me, "helping" in the kitchen

Gary had the honors......according to everyone, (since I don't eat bird) he made a pretty darn good one!
MORE COOKIES!!!! Can never have too many! Mom's traditions of course!
can you see the heart?
Mom and Gary bought the wine.... =) perfect for everyone!

Mom always makes such a pretty presentation

We woke up CHRISTMAS MORNING to the snow falling. It was beautiful

well, actually we were woken up by St. Lucia and her dude! (hey, its tradition! don't hate)
got so tired opening gifts they just passed out in the middle of the floor

Then it was time for Christmas Breakfast outing to Mt Vernon with Mom and Gary

I loved waking up to seeing the snow out the window at mom's!

It gave me such a sense of........

Then off to the Rowland Christmas
Grandma Francis and the kids
Grandma turned 80 the day after Christmas. Her first ever Cold Stone icecream!

she had a hard time deciding....
but figured out a good combo in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl

I loved Floyd's hat!!

Christmas at Chersti, Gabe and Bella's
We got her first cell phone for her! (Dora!) =)

Santa???? You're not Santa!
You sit on a throne of smell like beef and cheese!
And then.....cabin fever hit during the snow and December 30th I decided I needed to get a little exercise and so decided to take a little jog.....around the my slippers......the first few rounds went fine and so momentum was gained very foot slipped and came into crashing contact with the cabinets..............

breaking my toe and bruising the rest of the toes and the top of my foot. =)

mmmmmm, felt soooo good!

(the flash actually washed all the pretty colors out)
honestly these pics DO NOT show the true colors the top of my foot and toe was! This was a while after some of the brusing went down on top of my foot...picture DARK blue, green, purple, red, and black all mixed together =) Ok, anyhoo, enough of my foot!

NEW YEARS EVE at the Oosterwyk's!

Ummm, and, yea, arrived with plastic bags on (both) my feet, so not to get my slippers I had to wear wet!

Mike come back to us!
awww! we love Jim!
Getting ready for the poppers!
Goofy Gary! Love him!
Then there were yoga plank competitions...with magazines, yes...don't ask
and some other kind of exercises going on. Mike taking it very talking!

i love all the diferent looks everyone has......
Andrea & Mike in la-la land, need I say more?
Leslie being her cute self as always,
Me...need I say more?
Jim: "woah she made it.... what the heck is she doing???"
Roy: "hurry babe get over here the timer is running out! Geesh can't you move any faster?"
Mom: "oh my gosh, she almost broke MY toe hobbling over here as fast as she could, I think I need to elevate!"
Gary: "would you sit down alreay loree? Its not THAT bad, come'on relax!"

If there are any type-o's let me know...I just want to get his posted and move on to 2009!

More Rowland adventures to come...